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Metamorphosis is the consulting branch of Net Impact UC that trains students and provides services to clients to initiate their sustainability transformations.


Want to start your sustainability transformation? In our training program students will be exposed to principles, skills, and leading insights that are driving environmental and social innovation. With guest speakers, workshops, and an industry endorsed recognition, there is no better place to start learning! Oh, and it is free of charge. Learn more below!


The Metamorphosis team is ready to help you in your sustainability journey! Whether it is developing new programs to implement into your company or engaging in research to offer you new insight, the Metamorphosis team is here to help you in your sustainability transformation. Learn more or apply for our services by clicking the button below! 

Past Projects

Hamilton County Resource

"The Metamorphosis group was one of the best student groups I have worked with! Their recommendations and deliverables for the 513 Green Certification were well thought out and research-based. I have already started implementing the recommendations they provided and have established a timeline to continue implementation."

City of Cincinnati

"It was a pleasure to work with the Metamorphosis team and inspiring to experience their passion for a greener tomorrow."


If you have any questions or need further information, please email

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