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Student Resource Hub

It can be difficult to find and access the resources students need to start thinking about their climate career. Our Student Resource Hub seeks to be the starting point for students to build knowledge, involvement, experiences, and skills here at UC and beyond.

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Build your Climate Career

There is high demand for sustainability workers, but there can still be ambiguity in how to secure a job in the field.

Net Impact is focused on connecting students with the knowledge they need to achieve their professional goals. We want to highlight what we've learned about getting a career in climate.

Climate work is diverse and there's no one path to create a green career. Use these steps from the Harvard Business Review to start your journey. 

1. Get to Know the Triple Bottom Line

People, planet, profit. These principles are growing in influence over business, and many ESG roles are being created to address this. Solutions focused on environment, social, and governance will be needed in all fields and disciplines.

3. Apply to the Right Companies

Look for companies with clear, tangible sustainability goals.  There is a greater chance they are open to employees who want to integrate sustainability into their job.

2. Grow Your Green Skills

Every background will need to be integrated with sustainable principles. Whether you are in fashion, buildings, insurance, etc. there is opportunity to bring new sustainable skills to your role. Use resources like this and other resource hubs, webinars, videos, etc. to grow your knowledge. Networking and information interviews can also help you understand what is available.


Skill Opportunities



As such a carbon-intensive industry, the most focus is needed to develop solutions in this industry. There is massive demand for technical and science-based solutions. Energy efficiency is a must in utilities, buildings, and industrial settings. 



Transport emissions are the second greatest contributor to global GHG emissions. The EV industry is growing considerably to address this. Public transport design and policy are also crucial.



Green solutions require investment. The necessary infrastructure, innovation, and relief needed in the uncertain future will come from this industry. Fast growing skills include carbon credits, GHG accounting, operational management, and impact assessment are growing.


Sustainability Involvement at the University of Cincinnati

We made it easy to learn about and connect with student organizations, programs, faculty, and staff that focus on sustainability issues at the University of Cincinnati. 

Free Trainings and Certifications

There are dozens of world-class institutions that offer free classes, trainings, and certifications in a range of sustainability skills, including; ESG Strategy, Carbon Accounting, Life-Cycle Analysis, and many more.

Greater Cincinnati Community + City of Cincinnati

With a thriving community of passionate leaders and the City's development of the 2023 Green Cincinnati Plan, Cincinnati is leading the global charge in addressing sustainable growth. Attached is a list of programs, organizations, and resources available in Cincinnati.

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