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The Metamorphosis team is here to help you in your sustainability transformation!

The Metamorphosis Team at Cincinnati City Hall with Director of the Office of Environment and Sustainability, Oliver Kroner, and Councilwomen, Meeka Owens!


Metamorphosis offers many consulting services tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients. Some examples of our services include:

ESG Strategy & Implementation

Stakeholder Engagement

Community Activation

Research & Insight

Program Development

Sustainability Training

Marketing Strategy

Reverse Mentorship

The Metamorphosis team is able to meet a wide range of sustainabiltiy project requests, to tailor a project to your specific needs, please contact us at the email below!

Quality Service Guarentee

Our consultants are qualified to meet your needs. Every metamorphosis consultant
has completed the Metamorphosis training curriculum which was endorsed and developed
with industry professionals. Learn more about our training by clicking button below. 

Additionally, Metamorphosis operates through the University of Cincinnati’s Center for Entrepreneurship
and is advised by Net Impact UC’s External Advisory Board for Sustainable Business and
Internal Advisory Board for Sustainability Education allowing for industry and 
professional insight. 

Meet the Team

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Please send an email to if you want to inquire or apply for consulting services and a member from our consulting team will get back to you shortly.


Check out the projects we have completed and what our clients have to say.

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City of Cincinnati

Project Description

In April 2023, the City of Cincinnati released their updated Green Cincinnati Plan bringing along with it a new wave of ambitious sustainability action. In a measure to support this action, the Metamorphosis team developed a methodology for to engage with organizations in city around sustainability. The Metamorphosis team developed a green business certification to encourage businesses to adopt environmentally friednly practices and assesses a business's actions in order to determine the most effective placement of city aid. Taking this a step further, the Metamorphosis team developed an outline for an incubator program that would help assist companies in pursuing sustainability measures and create an ecosystem of collaboration. The certification and incubator provide a framework that would amplify sustainability action within the city of Cincinnati while providing resources to increase awareness and understanding around sustainability concepts so that businesses can thrive in a green future.


"The City of Cincinnati aims to be a national leader in sustainability and an attractive destination for businesses and individuals. In an effort to support this endeavor, we recently released the 2023 Green Cincinnati Plan which outlines ambitious strategies on key sustainability topics. The Metamorphosis team approached us with a vision to expand on the capabilities of the Green Cincinnati Plan and outline an effective strategy to engage with organizations in the city. The team presented thorough and comprehensive deliverables that exceeded our expectations. They demonstrated a high competence in sustainability and utilized their interdisciplinary backgrounds to uncover new opportunities and build upon existing resources in the Cincinnati business ecosystem. It was a pleasure to work with the Metamorphosis team and inspiring to experience their passion for a greener tomorrow. We look forward to using the information from this project in future decision making."

- Council Member Meeka Owens

Chair of Climate, Environment, & Infrastructure

City Testimonial

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