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Developing tomorrows leaders to understand and act on sustainability

Who Is This Training For?

No matter you background or field of expertise, the Metamorphosis curriculum was designed for anyone to learn about the basic concepts of sustainability and its influence on the corporate world. Whether you are pursuing a career in sustainability or just curious about what this field is, this training is for you. 


The Metamorphosis training curriculum is composed of a
6 module course developed and endorsed by industry experts and practical application of these concepts through interactive lab sessions. Each module will be accompanied with a professional or industry guest speaker to supplement the module topic. 

Module 1

Introduction to Sustainability

Module 2

Metrics, Measurements, Requirements

Module 3

Emission and Operational Considerations

Module 4

Sustainable Design and LCA

Module 5

Green Economics

Module 6

Introduction to Sustainability Consulting

Fall 2023 Training Schedule

For meeting times and location, check the Metamorphosis calendar!

Continuous Development

Sustainability is constantly changing and evolving. For those looking to expand their knowledge and want to learn more, Metamorphosis training hosts workshops with industry guests to further develop understanding and specialized knowledge. Check the calendar for continuous development opportunities.

Still Want More?

If you still want to develop your sustainability backgrounds further, Metamorphosis offers consulting services for industry partners. To gain real world experience, you can apply for Metamorphosis consulting after you have completed training modules.    

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