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Making Cincinnati a hub for sustainable innovation. 

About Us

We are a leading chapter of Net Impact and a registered student organization based out of the University of Cincinnati's Center for Entrepreneurship.  The Center for Entrepreneurship acts as our home-base and drives our mission to UC and beyond.  Founded through the spirit of innovation we strive to inspire the UC community to champion sustainable development.

Our mission is to shift the narrative around sustainability and organizational practices to create transformative awareness in student mindsets of all disciplines at UC. Through fun, beautiful, and collaborative experiences we develop conscious leaders that understand the importance of the triple bottom line.

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Career Development

Through collaboration with other UC stakeholders, corporate partners, and our surrounding community, we've developed a variety of programs, experiences, and resources that elevate sustainable skill development for UC students. 



Sustainability is at the intersection of every discipline and business decision. We're working across campus to understand, identify, and implement sustainable skill development through curricular and co-curricular opportunities.



Net Impact UC serves as a resource hub for UC student entrepreneurs looking to advance the development of sustainability frameworks in their organizations. Fueling the regions growth in clean technology, impact investing, and social enterprises.

What is the triple bottom line and why is it important?

The triple bottom line is an operational structure that takes into consideration the values and consequences of business practices on the planetpeople, and profit

As most organizations grow; environmental sustainability has historically been difficult to integrate into growth models due to a lack of education, infrastructure, industry and return. With the expansion of environmentalism, it is no longer a grassroots movement but a convergence of consumer demands, international regulations, and climate change.

The triple bottom line guides organizations to respect all stakeholders by considering the social and environmental values of business decisions. Acted out in the free market, many of the organizations that elevate these relationships achieve a greater financial return, a more harmonious culture, and a lasting impact.

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Net Impact's Global Network

Net Impact is a global non-profit organization consisting of 100,000+ students and business professionals united by the common mission of using business for social good.

As a part of this global community, we are able to connect with industry experts and professionals, gain access to invaluable programs, and collaborate across a network of over 300 chapters.

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