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In April 2023, the City of Cincinnati released their updated Green Cincinnati Plan bringing along with it a new wave of ambitious sustainability action. In a measure to support this action, the Metamorphosis team developed a methodology for to engage with organizations in city around sustainability. The Metamorphosis team developed a green business certification to encourage businesses to adopt environmentally friednly practices and assesses a business's actions in order to determine the most effective placement of city aid. Taking this a step further, the Metamorphosis team developed an outline for an incubator program that would help assist companies in pursuing sustainability measures and create an ecosystem of collaboration. The certification and incubator provide a framework that would amplify sustainability action within the city of Cincinnati while providing resources to increase awareness and understanding around sustainability concepts so that businesses can thrive in a green future.

City of Cincinnati

Council Member Meeka Owens

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Hamilton County Resource runs a Green Business Certification program known as the 513 Green Business Certification. Any business in Hamilton County can be granted this certification if they complete a set number of metrics in five different sustainability topics such as Sustainability Actions, Waste Diversion, Water Conservation, Energy Conservation, and Air Quality & Transportation. Given the aim of this certification to be manageable for companies of any size, Hamilton County Resource wanted the Metamorphosis team's help with redesigning their current sustainability resource hub known as the Go Green Resources to better assist those interested in pursuing the 513 Green Certificaiton. The Metamorphosis team carried out research and member feedback interviews to determine the best approach in redesigning the site and choosing effective resources. The end product was a redesigned resource hub optimized for easy usability and recommendations on different types of resources for each metric in the 513 certification.

Hamilton County Resource

Mary Cropenbaker

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