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Sustainability Involvement at the University of Cincinnati 

Sustainable action can be achieved through many different types of involvement on campus. The listed opportunities and resources have been featured for missions, content, and programs that directly support sustainable design principles.


With over 100 courses from all 7 colleges, UC has multiple academic opportunities to be introduced to and expand on sustainability principles that align with your passions or studies.

UC offers certificates and minors that provide students with a focused path in sustainability topics and practices. More opportunitites are currently in the works!

Student Organizations

LEAP is a student organization at the University of Cincinnati that aims to create alliances and unite student leaders with diverse backgrounds, interests, and talents with faculty and local environmental organizations in the Greater Cincinnati area. 

UC4BW is a group of students who are passionate about our sacred green space that neighbors UC's main campus. We work for and support initiatives that promote equitable access to the park, as well as the park's preservation and well-being.

The UC Horticulture Club is a society of students who are passionate about plants. Meeting with likeminded people through this organization will allow students to network, share ideas, and exchange expertise. Through hands-on workshops, members can learn techniques and skills for plant care.

EWB partners with communities in developing countries to implement sustainable long-term solutions. These infrastructure projects heavily involve education and health to ensure projects can remain functional for years to come. Students from all majors develop practical skills such as fundraising, international development, and clear communication within a multi-faceted organization.

FEED is a collaborative and inclusive service and research-based organization made for students to serve the community, explore the world of nutrition and its link to public health, and educate the community on and off campus about the values of healthy eathing, food availability, and sustainable living. The mission of FEED is to combat food insecurity and food health issues both on campus and in the Cincinnati area.

The mission of the AWA Experience is to create impactful and sustainable solutions to our global challenges. Students will gain professional development experience in the areas of leadership, strategic planning, curriculum development, fundraising etc. from collaborating directly with the non-profit

The Sustainable Fashion Initiative is a student-centered effor to cultivate a zero-waste (circular) culture within the fashion program at the Myron E. Ullman Jr. School of Desing

The Sustainable Industrial Design Initiative is a student-centered effor to instill the values of circular design and implement circular strategies in the Industrial Design program at DAAP. The mission is to educate and inspire designers to change the way they think about Industrial Design as a connected part of the world and society.

The Society of Environmental Engineers is an organization that unites students from various backrounds with a common interest in environmental engineering. The mission is to enhance students' understanding of environmental engineering while supporting members' development academically, professionally, and socially.

The Environmental Law Society promotes an awareness of present and future issues in the field of environmental law. It sponsors programs featuring guest speakers on topics of interest to its member and the community

Clean Up Cincy is Cincinnati's largest student-led beautification program. Their mission is to inspire a sense of pride and accountability in keeping the city beautiful, serve in other sustainability efforts, and inspire others to do the same.

UC Thrift aims to reduce waste on UC's campus by collecting donations of clothes, accessories, shoes, and more and redistributing them to other people on campus who can use them. They redistribute through clothing swaps and pop-up thrift shops and the revenue is used to support local sustainability-focused organizations.

Offices, Programs, Faculty, and Staff

UC's Office of Sustainability is within the Department of Planning + Design + Construction with links to Facilities Management and Central Utilities. They facilitate a diversity of programs, co-curricular opportunities, and proactive events. Their mission is to educate, engage, and empower students and create a culture of sustainability at the university.

The Center for Entrepreneurship works to equip aspiring entrepreneurs from all backgrounds with the skills, resources, and connections to launch and scale their business ideas and build an entrepreneurial mindset. UC Net Impact is based out of the Center for Entrepreneurship.

School of Environment and Sustainability

The School of Environment and Sustainability (SEaS) is a community of scholars and students dedicated to understanding and meeting the world's environmental challenges. SEaS is the home of the Environmental Studies BS and BA, as well as two minor tracks.

The President's Advisory Council on Environment & Sustainability (PACES) is an All-University committee. The committee is composed of students, faculty, and staff and is open to all. PACES meets once a month to share updates on projects and new ideas.

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